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Welcome to Outlaw Starr!

I'm Kai Starr, and this little blog is where I'll tell you all about what's new and exciting on the site, as well as what I'm up to, in other areas of my life. Come on in! Sit back; make yourself comfy and enjoy some stories! I'm glad to have ya!

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A Great Big Mess :: 5 May, 2011

Sorry about the missing story pieces, y'all! The server crash left me a huge mess, and since I have no help with my site, it's taking me a while to get everything back in order. I'm doing my best to get it all sorted out, though now some parts of my scripts are no longer working. That means I have to figure out different ways to fix some of the things that remain broken. But never fear! I'll have it all back in shape as soon as I can.

In the meantime, head over to my Bookstore and check out my goods. In addition to the print novels, I've now got "Three Ways From Sunday" available as a Kindle download. If you haven't got a Kindle, you can nab the free software from Amazon and run it on your PC or Mac, or other app-friendly devices. Get your copy today! My books are also available through Amazon.com, if you want to get them along with other stuff and save on shipping costs.

Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/kaistarr and see my site updates, there. I don't post much there any more except for the odd strange bit and site-related updates, so you won't have a flood of tweets from me in your stream. I no longer automatically follow new followers, so if you'd like for me to follow you back, just send me a message @kaistarr and say so. I'll return follow as soon as I'm able to.

Thanks again for your patience, folks! You're the best!


New ebook and MP3! :: 18 March, 2011

Today, I am proud to announce that the Desperado novel, "Three Ways From Sunday," has made it into ebook format! It will soon be available for download on Amazon.com's Kindle store, but you can snag your copy early, right here in the Bookstore! The ebook version has been updated to include all the corrections of errors that occurred in the print version.

The print versions of "Three Ways From Sunday" and "Rustler's Roundup" are also available in the Bookstore, and at Amazon.com. Books bought through the KaiStarr.com site can be autographed with your choice of inscription, at no extra charge. Books bought through the Amazon.com site will not be inscribed.

However, the KaiStarr.com site is the only place online where you can also get hold of a copy of the Desperado soundtrack in MP3 format! This is music I wrote especially for this book series. You can buy the full album or any of the single MP3s, and the songs are available in full-length preview in the streaming Flash player on the Bookstore page and also on the Music page, so you can listen before buying.

Thanks for your patience during the site's ongoing reconstruction. You guys are the best!


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